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Boarding Features

Providing Everything You Need

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  • Bunnies have their own pen and will never have contact with any other bunny.

  • If I am watching multiple bunnies and they are stressed with seeing another bunny, a blanket is added to the outside of the pen to obstruct vision.

  • The goal here is to provide a stress-free environment for your bunny.



  • Provided

    • Litter Box and Litter (Wood Stove Pellets)​

    • Ceramic Food Bowl

    • Ceramic Water Crock

    • Cardboard Box (upon request)

  • Not Provided

    • Toys​ - You are welcome to bring toys, chews, hide-aways, or anything else that will help occupy your bunny during their stay!

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Other Items of Note

  • Unfortunately I do not have the space to provide a "run" for your bunny. Rest assured that the 14 sq. ft. enclosure is plenty of room for your bunny to run zoomy laps and to binky about!

  • Bunnies usually settle in comfortably within 24 hours of drop-off. The majority within the first hour.

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