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My Fur Babies

Karma is a Holland Lop rescue from Companion Cupid. He is approximately 3 years old and did not come from a good home. He shared an extremely cramped outside hutch with another full size male bunny. Neither were neutered at the time, resulting in fights. When the rescuer arrived to retrieve the bunnies it was 19 degrees outside. He has a very unique personality, at least from any of the other bunnies I have shared my life with. He is full of energy and loves to explore! A very happy-go-lucky guy!


Skye -- a German Shepherd mix. Born January 27th, 2017, she is very quiet and loves other animals. She is a little shy around people, so do not be surprised when she slinks away from you if you are trying to pet her.

Ashe -- a Australian Shepherd mix. Born February 11th, 2021, she is a spunky doggo who loves people, although she is quite anxious at first. You will likely not see her when you arrive, as we put her in a bedroom or outside during drop-offs and pick-ups. She is a vocal pooch, so we don't want her startling the arriving/departing bunnies.

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