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    My Fur Babies

    This is Kai, he was my first bunny. I adopted him on 02/08/15 off of a family on Craigslist. I knew nothing about bunnies at the time and got him thinking he was just a "novelty", something you put in a hutch and look at. Boy was I wrong.  He opened my eyes to a world I didn't even know existed. I researched tirelessly everything I could about rabbits, I threw myself to volunteer every weekend to the Wisconsin House Rabbit Society, and could not get enough. He has taught me to love harder and be more kind. To teach through positive reinforcement, and to make my outlook on life just more positive. 

    Kai has survived 3 mates, two unfortunately passed at the end of 2015, making it a tough year. The third had to be re-homed as he de-bonded with Kai after a medical emergency. He now resides in a bonded trio with Zwei and Zephyr (see below).

    Kai is an adventurous soul who loves everyone. His non-bias for life has changed mine for the better. But life has not been the greatest to him. As you can see in the picture, he has matured cataracts in both eyes, leaving him blind. He is also deaf. But this does not deter him, he is always adventuring around the house (to my amazement) never lost and always knowing. I love this bunny more than anything as he is my special boy. He is my soul-animal now and furever. <3

    This is Zwei, previously known as Piglet. I adopted him from the Wisconsin House Rabbit Society 02/18/17. He is a young silly boy with tons of attitude. He is the "leader" in my trio of boys. Always there to help his brothers out. He lets them know when it is food time and grooms them regularly.

    He is super sweet, but will only let you pet him on HIS time. This busy boy is always zooming around and playing with his brothers.

    Zephyr, previously J.W., was adopted from the Wisconsin House Rabbit Society on 01/15/18. For such a tender soul, this bunny has had a rough upbringing. Coming from a petting zoo, Zephyr lived his life in a small wire bottom cage, only to be taken out when the kids wanted to pet him. He was surrendered to WHRS, when no other place would take him. When he arrived he was emaciated, severely matted, his feet were deformed, and he had a mature cataract in his left eye. He also seemed a little "off", I suspect he has some neurological damage as well.


    He was then bonded with a WHRS sanctuary bunny until she tragically passed away. Shortly after this the cataract in his left eye ruptured, the eye could not be saved and was surgically removed. The day after surgery, he was back to his happy self, constantly asking for attention.


    Lonely and no where to go, I decided to take a chance and add him to my existing duo. They bonded almost instantly, as if it were fate. After a good grooming, a balanced, consistent diet, he is back to perfect health.

    Dante, previously known as David Hasselhop, was also adopted from the Wisconsin House Rabbit Society on 08/09/15. This gentle Flemish Giant is 10 pounds and about the size of a typical house cat. I call him my gentlemen bunny as he will "bow" to get pets. I have been attempting to bond this lonely boy with a friend since I adopted him. All turning into failed attempts. The only thing that Dante learned was that other bunnies were a bad thing.

    Approximately mid-October 2018, I decided to attempt to bond him with a sweet little girl from WHRS. I will not be able to do any official dates until January, but so far it looks promising.

    Meet Audrey (aka "Puddles"), a plump little Netherland Dwarf. I am in the process of bonding her with Dante. I have not had her for very long, but she LOVES people and attention. 

    She has a bad habit of loving food too much and will lash out at dinner time so hands beware!

    Lastly, there is Skye. A German Shepard mix. Turning two in January 2019, she is very quiet (does not bark) and loves other animals. She is a little shy around people, so do not be surprised when she slinks away from you if you are trying to pet her.

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