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    Featured Customer

    Jennifer -- Reggie

    My first meeting with Reggie was a bit of a divine accident. After several bun-less years, we’d decided it was time to adopt again.  We’d found what we thought was the perfect (non-Reggie) bun at Mounds, and on the day we went to claim him, he had just been adopted out. The woman working introduced us to some others looking for a home, but that special connection just wasn’t there.  As we were getting ready to leave she said “well, we just got this little guy in but he’s still sort of recovering.”  There was Reggie, youngest of five un-neutered brothers found in a box, having arrived at Mounds after a year of veterinary and foster care. It was love at first sight!  We adopted him right away the rest is history.

    Reggie is our fourth house rabbit, and easily the most relaxed.  I think it was all his bouncing around in foster homes that made him so adaptable.  He has effected our lives in many ways but the ones that stand out are: increased happiness, reduced stress, humor and enhanced feeling of family.  

    One of Reggie’s favorite things is to go visit Stephanie at the Binky Bunny Inn.  He feels very at home there and sometimes gets a bit mopey when I pick him up after we’ve been gone. I feel great knowing he’s with someone who knows and loves rabbits, and who makes every aspect of bringing him there, very easy.

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