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A "Grate" Idea! ^_^

Had someone ask me what can be done about bunnies digging in the litter-box and I suggested some "grate" ideas! A grate between the litter and hay, in the litter-box, usually prevents bunnies from digging into the litter.

Here is the list I came up with as well as some links of where to get said product. Note: I am not affiliated or sponsored by any of the product/website companies. Please let me know if you have a solution or suggestion that is not listed below!

Click on the pictures to take you to where you can get some of these options.

**Binky Bunny Store (not affiliated with me :D ) - Litter Box Screen**

**YouTube - Making your own screen with Eggcrate Lourer**

**Idea - Using a rubber sink mat**

**Using a Small Animal Pen Panel (Just take the individual panels off)**

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