RHDv2 Vaccination Requirement

~Starting March 1st, 2022~

All bunnies will be required to have proof of their RHDv2 vaccinations submitted before any boarding or grooming appointments can be made. Due to this policy change a new contract will need to be filled out for all current guests.

To assist to the best of my ability I have called around to many vet clinics in the Madison area to compose a list of vets that offer the vaccine and the costs associated.

The information provided below was gathered on 12/28/21 and is not a guarantee of pricing or service availability. Please validate pricing and availability with your choice clinic when scheduling your appointment.

All clinics require an initial exam for new patients unless otherwise specified.

Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions/concerns.

Check out the following links for additional information on RHDv2:



**Click the vet logo to go to their website!**


Animal Hospital of Verona

animal-hospital-verona-logo.png transparent.png
203 W Verona Ave, Verona
(608) 845-6700

*Only seeing current or new patients for current clients.*

Exam - $72 | Vaccine - $39 | Booster - $39

Fitchburg Veterinary Hospital

6249 Nesbitt Rd, Fitchburg
(608) 271-4212

*Accepting new clients/patients.*

Exam - $68.50 | Vaccine - $40 | Booster - $40

Fitchburg Veterinary Hospital.png

Healthy Pet Veterinary Clinic

2801 E Washington Ave, Madison
(608) 294-9494

*Accepting new clients/patients.*

*Deposit of $65 required upon scheduling appointment.*

Exam+Vaccine - $65 | Booster - $40

Spartan Animal Hospital

4811 Larson Beach Rd, McFarland
(608) 838-6115

*Accepting new clients/patients.*

Exam - $70 | Vaccine - $34.65 | Booster - $34.65

Spartan Animal Hospital.png

UW Vet Clinic

UW Vet Clinic.png transparent.png
2015 Linden Dr, Madison
(608) 263-7600

*Accepting new clients/patients.*

*They host clinics on Fridays once they have enough bunnies on their waitlist.*

*Once on the waitlist, you will get a call once a clinic day has been scheduled.*

Exam+Vaccine - $120 | Tech Appointment + Booster - $70