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    At Home Bunny Emergency Kit

    (Disclaimer: Please seek veterinary advice/care in an emergency! This is not a replacement, but a tool to assist in these cases.)

    When an emergency arrives, how prepared are we to help our fur babies? Here is a list of what could be included in a bunny home emergency kit. Most of these items can be found at a Walgreen's or another drug store. If anyone has suggestions on making this list better/more complete, please comment below! I will be more than happy to answer any questions as well.

    *Simethicone (Baby Gas Drops)

    Used to relieve discomfort/pain of gas build-up. -- 1cc / hr for up to 3 hrs

    *Oxbow Critical Care

    Recovery food.

    *Pedialyte - Unflavored

    Restore electrolytes and hydrates.

    *Plunger Syringes

    Both small and large for medicine and/or Critical Care.

    *Neosporin - Plain (No pain relief or antibiotic formula)

    Prevents infection in minor cuts/scrapes/burns.

    *Saline Wipes

    Cleansing eye area as well as cuts/scrapes.

    *Gauze Pads

    *Cotton Swabs

    *Styptic Powder

    Stops minor bleeding after nail trimming.

    *Scissors - Blunt Tipped

    *Organic Veggie Baby Food (Additive Free, No Sugar, etc)

    Alternative food option.

    *Large Towel

    For when bunny burritos are necessary.

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