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    *Rate includes pellets, litter and unlimited hay.  **Fee based on single bunny or a bonded pair






    906 Sky Ridge Drive

    Madison, WI 53719




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    I know I often times stay at home rather than go out or plan a vacation, due to my six furry babies. It is hard to find a sitter, let alone someone who has been around a bunny before! In 2015, I wanted to start up a fun little Inn where bunny mommys and daddys can breathe easy while away. My prices are comparable to the few boarding places available in Madison, WI. 

    I am currently a volunteer and educator for a rabbit rescue organization and have been since 2015. I participate in many of the rescue organization's events. I pride myself on assisting with fostering and rehabilitating bunnies who now have a better chance at adoption and a better life! 

    The Inn is a small service I run out of my home; the pen setup is in my finished basement, they are 42 inches tall and are 4 feet by 4 feet (unless specially requesting a bigger pen), giving your bunny plenty of room (16 sq ft)  to run around without fear of them jumping out. They have a stable non-smoking, temperature controlled environment. 

    I provide Oxbow Adult Formula pellets and Oxbow Timothy Hay. If you feed your bunny anything else, please bring enough along for your stay. Bunnies will never be housed or let out outside, if I have multiple bunnies staying with me, no bunnies will be allowed contact with another client's bunnies. Litter boxes are changed regularly as needed (generally once ever 4-7 days), hay is given twice daily, and pens are cleaned out as needed.


    Wondering what you should bring with you? I always recommend bringing toys for your bunny so they have something to do while with me; if your bunny has a favorite blankie, bringing that to comfort them during their stay will help. If available, I do provide a small cardboard box for them to chew on, or a fleece hiding area for comfort. Don't worry about bringing litter boxes or food/water dishes, I got that portion covered for you.

    Please note that within my household, I do have five bunnies and a dog of my own. All of my fur babies are on the first floor of the house and are never allowed in the basement area, where the Inn in located. The bunnies are housed in their own room and my dog (German Shepard Mix) has free roam of the first floor. Thankfully she is very quiet and does not bark.

    Please let me know if you have any questions, below you will find a contact form.

    To place a reservation, please fill out the contact form below, or you can fill in a detailed reservation survey here:

     In the details please list the days that you would like to reserve and I will reach out to you as soon as possible. Any questions can also be submitted with the contact form. I try to get back to inquires within 24 hours. Have a great day!

    Email: binky.bunnyz@gmail.com
    Tel:  (608) 620-4259

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